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I’m sitting here trying to think of words, and not having a lot of success. It’s a pretty pleasant thing all told, a sign that I’ve done a good job of keeping things low key today. Childling was cared for, bath was obtained, and I’ve managed to cajole myself to putter around a couple of steps an hour. I’ve made a little progress on the knitting, but mainly I zoned out. Zoning out is good, yes yes, especially when tomorrow is back to Le Grind. At least tomorrow it isn’t supposed to rain, so that will work out nicely for fetching the littlest one.

And speaking of the littlest, she starts swimming lessons at school this week! Z went out to get her a new bathing suit and pool shoes, and she was well pleased. I meant to take a picture but forgot to. I’ll have to catch one later. The lessons are something the school do as part of the curriculum as the village is on a major river, and they deemed it important to make sure that the children living here have some ability in that department.

Right, I’m dragging my heels on getting this done ’cause watching tv, so gonna get back to that. We just watched the first episode of the new season of Lucifer, and are gonna check out American Gods. While I think Neil Gaiman has tainted and diluted his brand by marrying poorly, I might as well enjoy what I can where I will (seriously, loathe everything under the sun about Amanda Palmer).


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