Purrs Like a Kitten

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I ended up fiddling around with a couple of games on my laptop, after a nice long sludge in Diablo III. As much fun as that is, it does get boring after a few hours. I ended up back in Minecraft, and after a bit of fiddling, managed to get the game to remember that it’s supposed to operate off of the GPU, not the onboard graphics! This shot comes compliments of me going from one house to the other along my railroad; my worlds are infested with railroads. Some people like Z and Smallhausen like to build castles and fantastical structures, while I like making reliable, fast transport. *chuckles* Having said that, it’s all part of the quest to find a mooshroom in the wild without ‘cheating’ and using a seed that starts one off on a Mushroom Island. Someday, it will totally happen.

Beyond that, just doing my best to zone out, stay out of the way, and store up spoons for tomorrow. It’s the first day of the Easter holiday, and while I expect that the girls will be quite happy and occupied in each other’s company, that’s still two people in my space instead of one. I’m looking forward to it too — after all, it’s the last holiday before I have two schoolchildren (even if Littlerbit is only part-time). I’m hoping I can punch my bubble in the taco and go curl up with them on the couch for more than a few minutes… worst comes to worst, I do it a lot of times in little intervals instead, hee hee. THE CUDDLES WILL BE HAD.

Right, I’m off.


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