An Early Start (Finish)

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I forgot to take my meds last night, which means I didn’t sleep well. The knock-on from not sleeping well is feeling incredibly ill, both physically and mentally. With chronic fatigue, sleep isn’t restful. At best, you maintain the status quo of feeling generally cruddy. But as I was reminded today, not getting that sleep rebound severely. I was so ill that I ended up taking a nap. I don’t take naps as they generally make me feel significantly worse, but I was desperate for reprieve. It helped a bit, enough that I’m only just starting to feel as bad as I was this morning upon waking. There is every chance I will go to bed early, and I fully intend to sleep as long as my body and brain let me.

At least the general agreement today was to stay home and do nothing, which we did fairly admirably. There was a Skype call with my sister and her family, which we had sheepishly forgotten about but she’d remembered to put on her calendar. Littlerbit had a great time hamming it up for her baby cousin; even talking about it afterwards would cause her to cheerfully reply, ‘Hi baby!’. So cute. I also made a bit more progress on the first sock.  I’m loving how it’s knitting up, and my only sad is that I won’t be able to make them super-tall ’cause of my fatty little legs. I should have done the first couple of rows on a size or two up needle, but never mind.

For now, attempting to keep my head up long enough to finish watching The Last Leg, and then we’ll see how immediately I end up in bed.


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