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The blinds have stayed pulled shut for the most part lately. But I spotted a strange orange-y colour through a crack, and had to investigate. I was rewarded with this here rainbow! There is much I love about living in the United Kingdom, but the fact I see several rainbows a year is one of them. I guess you can’t have all the rain we’re rumoured to have without having a lot of rainbows too, ha ha.

Not been up to a lot today, which yanno, perfect. Z and Smallhausen went out for a bit to do some shopping and pick up lunch; I chilled here while Littler had a nap. We’re pencilled in to go on some sort of outing as a family tomorrow, but I’d say that’s health-dependent. Z feels crappy, I feel crappy, and Smallhausen started complaining of feeling ill before we put her to bed. Fingers crossed that goes all well, but if not… she has ‘her’ bucket to hand.

Outside of my comfy bubble, I’m kind of agog with just how ridiculous things are in the States right now. The Muslim ban is already in effect, and is preventing Greencard holders from entering the country if they’re originally from one of the dubiously banned countries. It’s preventing dual citizens from travelling on their non-banned passport to enter the US. I’m sure that this has to be unconstitutional. To that end, I’m making sure to share this Arab and Muslim Ban Toolkit that has been put together to help people dealing with this. Please, if you are reading this, share it far and wide. People are being prevented from going home because of where they used to live. That isn’t okay.


I just. I’m glad that a lot of my friends are fighting the good fight in any way they can. I had lots of friends marching last weekend. I have lots of friends posting daily actions to try and encourage their friends to take them. I’ve also found that my friends have been really good about trying to respect that not everyone can take the same actions. There is little to no chance I’ll ever make it on a march. There is pretty much no chance that I will pick up a phone because one, costs a lot to call international, and two, I tend to get panic attacks when it comes to the mere thought of using a phone. But I do sign a lot of petitions, share information, and try to write about things. I hope that I can try to keep up steam. I hope everyone can in the face of this ridiculous shitshow.

Anyways. Onwards.


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