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Har har har, I slay me with my terrible jokes. But the tubety leg part of sock the second is almost done, which is most pleasing. I knocked out about a third of it last night at Stitch ‘n Bitch, and am most of the way through the third third of that part. I’ve got about three rows, and then I can start working on the heel. So that’s exciting. I’ve always had a hard time understanding how people suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. For me, the first is drawing the roadmap, and the second is just cruising along that pre-forged path. I suspect that I will convince people that making socks is fun or something, ha ha.

I think it’s fairly grand and *I* enjoy it, but then everyone enjoys their own specific, unique things. For example, I’m meh on the idea of shawls, even after having done a few. It’s not an article of clothing that I really wear, whereas I wear socks all the freaking time. Fun fact — I used to loathe wearing socks as a kid, so I still find this turnaround to ALL THE SOCKS ALL THE TIME to be kind of funny.



I woke up today feeling worse than yesterday, which was grand. Oh wait, except not. I’ve been croak-voiced and snotty and just not really wanting to exist. I had hoped that I would get a good sleep last night and feel more rested, but instead I was tossing and turning and having a decidedly not-good night. I think I might have been too warm. It might have also been getting home so late, and to bed so late. Z commented that I was home about 15 minutes later than usual, but he also appreciated that was because I was being a freaking smart driver and making sure that my car was warmed up before hitting the icy, frozen fog-laden streets, as well as driving that bit slower to be on the safe side of life. I was amazed how many reckless drivers there were out there. I shouldn’t have, because inclement weather seems to always bring out that sort, but still. *STILL*.

Past that, just grinding on filling up my Pokédex, occasionally seeing what my laptop can do before being pissed off at me, and some Civilization VI ad nauseam because entertaining. Or distracting, one of those things. I don’t get the option of napping when sick — naps make me feel really, really, brutally ill. So instead I have to make sure to keep myself busy so I don’t dwell on the being sick… which isn’t a huge departure from how I cope with life day to day. ¬¬

Right, la.


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