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img_20161119_161900365Right, this is gonna probably be short because we *just* got home from driving across the country. Our trip to Riath’s house for our little Thanksgiving do went mainly well, outside of Littlerbit vomiting not five minutes from their house. Oh well. We didn’t get a repeat on the way home, which was the important thing. The food was good, the company was good, and Smallhausen kept C occupied pretty much the whole time playing games on the Wii. Riath and I were just sort of zoned out in the same space, which really — awesome to have a friendship that established and confident that you can do that. I was just happy to be in the same room as her, since I don’t get that more than once every couple of months.

I’m definitely going to say that I agree with Z that leaving at 8 instead of 10 was good, kids or no kids. Smalls is up in bed already, while Littler and Z are in normal operations curled up on the couch. I’m batting this out, and then planning to flee on upstairs to get to sleep. While I am all about eking out every possible moment hanging out with dear friends, Z made a really good point on the way home — that we are a lot tireder and worn out at that point in the night than we were a couple of years ago. It’s one thing if they’re here and staying to or past 10; we can take that in stride. But we’re just not able at this point to do it and get back ourselves. Getting old, eh? ¬¬

img_20161119_101008562 img_20161119_111951048

Travelling skies

As we drove, the skies grew increasingly wintry. There was one point shortly after we turned to the west where we were under the edge of the cloud cover. To our right, it was white clouds and sunshine in the bright blue sky just beyond its edge, while to the left it was grey, cold clouds. We moved further and further under that as we trekked onwards, and had rain all the way back. Rain and night driving aren’t fun, but thankfully the kids were mainly quiet and patiently chilling in the back. They’re quality humans for that and many reasons.

Right, late. Bed!


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