There’s Nothing Clever Today

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Well. Today is our 9th anniversary — blah blah, where did the time go, blah blah. I know where the time went. It was spent in the company of someone that I am lucky to have as a partner in my life, raising cute kids that we helped bring forth, chilling out and doing things our laid-back sort of way.

As for today, whatever did we do? Well, I took the eldest with me to go looking for Pokémon on the enticement of stopping off at her best friend’s house partway through the route. I think we spent more time there than actually walking around, but that was fine. I was happy that we could do that, and of course, being happy that yet another day saw me wanting to go outside and walk around. I was further amused that on our final leg back home, my in-laws drove past me for the second day in a row. This time they pulled over to say hi, which was pleasing.



A bit later, the in-laws (chiefly and initially my father-in-law, as Nanny was feeling poorly) took the girls so the husband and I could get out there and try to catch ’em all for ourselves. Of course and being the weekend after such a wide launch, the game servers were slow and crashy and we were lucky to get a few Pokéstops. I commented at the first one while we were waiting vaguely patiently for the game to load that even if all we were doing was sitting in a parking lot, at least we were together. Without the kids. In air conditioning. I might’ve emphasized that last one a lot, ha ha. But really, it was good! We did manage to find a geocache we’d scoped at some point in the past. There is at least one other geocache in this particular village that we are aware of, so between that and there being three Pokéstops next to each other, I expect we’ll find our way back over there fairly soon.

For now, I’m worn out. It’s been stupid humid today, which is super-rough on me (more so when air conditioning is not standard ¬¬). It’s supposed to be pretty gross/’nice’ tomorrow, so I might try to nip out for a walk while it’s cooler in the earlier part of the day. Plus yanno, so I can hunt Pokémon while the kids are in school. *whistles* We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning. I tend to be the antithesis of morning person, so ‘morning’ has every chance to be afternoon. We’ll see!


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